Tailor Made Poetry at your fingertips...

Are you stuck for a romantic, unique keepsake to give to a loved one? 

Have you ever found it difficult to say "sorry" because you couldn't find
the words?
Then why not give a poem? Not just any poem though - each poem 
written is a bespoke piece which is tailor-made to your circumstances 
and can follow any subject, personality, anecdote or tale you have to 

We can wrap your bespoke poem inside this attractive silver tube for
excellent presentation.



Perhaps your poem would be best presented inside a frame so your loved 
one can cherish your present forever on the wall?
We can supply your bespoke poem in a luxury silver frame so that your 
special words are on show in style.
This is a more traditional method than an email or silver tube.
There are choices of either wood or metallic frames and they are available
 in a large number of sizes.
These gifts are very special to people and often are memorable for years 
to come.


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